Monday, May 25, 2015

Iron Gate Reservoir Camping

Brief description:  Iron Gate Reservoir is located about 10 miles east of Interstate 5 and continues upstream to Copco Reservoir.  The road to Iron Gate Reservoir is about 15 miles north of Yreka, CA off of Interstate 5.  Popular for boating, water skiing, and fishing.

Open Dates:  Some of the recreation areas are open year round, including Camp Creek Campground.  Other campgrounds such as Mirror Cove and Juniper Point are open from May to October.  The reservoir is popular with fishing, water skiing, swimming, hiking, and biking.

Number of Campsites:  Camp Creek:  22 sites; Juniper Point Camp:   9 sites; Mirror Cove Camp:  10 sites.  Sometimes camping may be available in other day use areas.

Length of Stay:  14 days maximum

Fees:  FREE!  No charge for camping, boat launching, etc.  No reservations first come first served.

Affiliation:  Pacific Power (PacifiCorp) campgrounds and Bureau of Land Management.

Location/Address:  From the Hornbrook/Henley Interstate 5 exit (#789) go in an easterly direction.  There are small road signs near the exit.  Travel approximately 10 to 11 miles on county roads until you reach the sign that shows the general reservoir and camping areas.  It is located along the Klamath River.  Once at the entrance near the fish hatchery, depending on the campground selected you may travel another 4 or 5 miles, perhaps more.  Many of the sites are located along the lake’s west side and the lake is 7 miles long.  The roads are paved up to the turn offs into the camping areas (gravel) but are often in need of some repair.  Suggest one drives slowly due to open range and deer, cattle or horses could be on the road. 

Wildlife:  Squirrels, pelicans, sea gulls, numerous types of birds of prey, possible deer or raccoon's.  In the warm days and months be  aware there are snakes in the area.  Both rattlesnakes and others.
Camp Creek Boat Launch

Elevation:  Approximately 2,350 feet above sea level. 

Contact Information:  For boating information contact:

U. S. Bureau of Land Management
Klamath Falls Office

·              Camp sites with fire rings, pit toilets, tables
·               Boat ramps and docks at Mirror Cove, and Camp Creek
·               RV Dump station at Camp Creek
·              Water only available at Camp Creek Campground
·              RV’s and Tents welcomed.  Some sites will accommodate up to 30 ft. trailers or RV’s
·              Fishing
·              Swimming
·             Boating
Mirror Cove Campground
General Description:  Rolling type hills with small oaks and brush.  Reservoir.  Can be windy but often the water is good for water skiing; generally the wind comes up in the afternoon for 2 or 3 hours and then subsides during the summer months.  Can be very warm during the days in the summer, but evenings usually cool down somewhat.  Spring is the nicest time in the area, with nice days and cool nights.  In the spring the hills are generally still green and lush, in the summer the area becomes very dry on the surrounding hills.  During warm months be aware of rattlesnakes in the area, especially when hiking.  Minimal cell phone reception in the area.  Only one camp area has potable water.
Camp Creek Campground

Nearby Services:  (groceries, medical, etc.)  Nearest fuel is at the exit at Hornbrook along Interstate 5.  Nearest hospital and medical services in Yreka, California approximately 15 miles from Hornbrook and 25+ miles from camp grounds.  Some food or restaurants available in Hornbrook, but nearest full service area would be Yreka.  Yreka would have supplies, equipment, auto repair, fuel, groceries and medical care.  A small restaurant is located near a commercial campground (The Fish Hook Restaurant) about 5 miles from the entrance to the reservoir area.

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